Photo: Hannah Elizabeth


Joie offers monthly heart singing circles, singing pilgrimages and sensitive Harp and meditative music. She performs a variation of Harp music, traditional uplifting healing songs, her own music and offers sound healing support. Joie sings to move and inspire people deeply, to encourage connection and liberation, putting love into action.


With Joie de Winter

Joie has been creating and holding heart song circles for 3 years in London, Mexico, Guatemala. Each circle is unique and welcomes you to join in with energetic heart felt singing and free expression. Through meditation, intuitive singing and sharing traditional healing songs we can begin to embrace who we are and learn to live from a more heart centered space. In essence we are rebuilding conscious community and encouraging people to reclaim music as a tool for self happiness and re balance of the earth.

You can invite Joie to create and hold heart song circles and customised singing workshops for: your ceremonies, festivals, events, yoga classes, workshops, gatherings and retreats. You can also join Joie on her monthly Heart song circles in London and Hemel Hempstead.


HARP MUSIC / Weddings, Ceremonies & Events

Since Joie had her Harp made in Mexico she has began sharing Harp Music and singing for weddings, events, hospitals, nursing homes, workshops, retreats and in sound healing events.

She performs a fusion of standard wedding songs, harp poetry, medicine healing songs, Harp Meditations, and intuitive playing adapting for each occasion.

She has performed the harp for women’s Circles, Moon Lodge circles, yoga classes, weddings, sound healing events, Life drawing classes, LUSH May project garden day and with 13 singing sisters Album.




In 2016 Joie began to explore sound healing with Mayte Rodriguez Aghetta for a year in Mexico. Together they offered sound healing massage and soul sound journeys for large groups at Ahau, Alaya, Cenote Encantado and Nomads Retreat space. She returned to London and began to offer sound journeys for:

  • Lani in her sound healing Events in London
  • Clara with her Intimacy shadow workshops
  • Anna’s Women Life Drawing workshops
  • At the sisters Heart Song Circles

Joie can offer harp music with tradition medicine songs from Mexico, her own songs, Poetic harp, harp story telling or harp meditations.  poetry singing harp. She plays shamanic drum, native flute G, and offers intuitive energetic singing.



After returning from Mexico for a year Joie felt called to sing with this land in the UK and started organising and creating THE WOMEN’S WAY Singing pilgrimages along the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. She worked with Kate Walton a spoken word poet and story teller. There are plans for 2018 to expand and offer different singing and song pilgrimages.




She first found her voice singing Irish folk music whilst walking on a pilgrimage with 16 women around UK in 2008, and later delved more deeply after spending time with a medicine women from Sibera in Devon 13 moons. She started holding heart song circles for people to help them free their voices which led her to holding sound healing journeys in Mexico, meditation and discovering intuitive singing. Joie has learn’t in her year in Mexico with shamans to feel sound energy more deeply pushing her to explore music as a meditative healing tool. She is inspired by song-lines and singing with the earth, aswell as expressing more universal messages in her own songs.

She has just released her first co-created album with the 13 sisters, part of a 5 month singing exploration journey. She hopes to deeply move and remind those who it resonates to return to love.


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